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​Our goal is to protect your assets and assist you in selecting health care options that work for you.  We are at your service in our 12th year with an ongoing history of caring and knowledge. As an independent agent Nancy constantly researches companies and solutions that will work for you.

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We'll explain all the possible solutions you have.


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Living forever on earth, we often take for granted.  But its not reality.  Planning for final expenses and replacing income with life insurance can be an essential gift to loved ones.  Take a minute to find out how you could provide for your loved ones after your gone.


Insurance Services

Medicare Supplements fill in the gaps of Original Medicare.  Private insurance companies offer plans that will help pay some of the healthcare costs that Medicare doesn't.  Policies you didn't qualify for in the past, you may today. Premiums vary widely and need to be checked annually, call now.

Make decisions from knowledge, not fear.

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Life & final expense

Medicare Supplements

Get a quote now, which plan?  F, G, N, which plan is for you? 

Prescription Drug Plans

Part D - check annually



Medicare Advantage

Part C or MA Plans offered by private insurance Companies. Could one be for you?